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Los Angeles Retaliation, Whistleblower and Qui Tam Lawyers

If you have reported or protested any "protected activity" at work, it is unlawful for your employer to retaliate against you by firing you, demoting you, disciplining you, reducing your hours, reducing your pay, denying you promotions, bonuses or other benefits.

If you believe you have been wrongfully discharged after reporting any "protected activity" to your employer or an outside agency, it is imperative that you consult a knowledgeable Santa Monica retaliation attorney.

At Davis*Gavsie & Hakim, LLP, our California lawyers work exclusively with employment law cases. Our Beverly Hills whistleblower attorneys will vigorously pursue your claims to obtain justice and compensation for you.

"Protected activities" that may lead to retaliation are:

  • Reporting unsafe or unhealthy working conditions
  • Reporting unlawful harassment: You have every right to report your sex, race, national origin or disability harassment toward you or a co-worker and may want to check your employer's polices in your employee handbook.
  • Reporting discrimination: If you experience or witness discrimination based on race, sex, national origin or disability and report it, your employer should not fire or punish you for it.
  • Reporting wage and hour violations: If you are not getting paid for the hours you work or you are not being given uninterrupted meal or rest and breaks and you report it, your employer should not retaliate.
  • Reporting patient abuse or elder abuse
  • Whistleblowing: If you report illegal activity at your workplace to your supervisor or an outside government agency, you should not be at risk of losing your job. If you are aware of a misuse of government funds (i.e., Qui Tam), you may be able to stop the misuse and be rewarded. Call us and we can help.
  • Taking time off for child birth or illness: The Family Medical Leave Act and California Family Rights Act were created to protect employees from any sort of retaliation after welcoming a new member of the family or dealing with a serious illness or that of a loved one.

Victims of retaliation can seek compensation for lost wages, emotional distress and sometimes punitive damages, attorneys fees and costs. In order to take legal action, it is important to determine if what you experienced is, in fact, retaliation.

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