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Have You Been Sexually Harassed?

Sexual harassment is any unwanted and unwelcome sexual behavior. It involves a broad range of conduct, including such verbal harassment as derogatory comments, explicit sexual comments and descriptions of sexual exploits, leering or requesting sexual favors. The term also describes physical harassment, ranging from inappropriate touching to outright sexual assault and battery or even rape. In order to be classified as illegal, the conduct in question must be unwelcome or offensive to the victim. It may create a hostile work environment if it is severe or pervasive (frequent). Quid pro quo sexual harassment occurs when your boss conditions your job on sex or sexual favors.

Sexual harassment is a form of sexual discrimination, prohibited in employment settings under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Title IX of the 1972 Education Act makes sexual harassment in schools or other educational settings unlawful. The California Fair Housing Act also provides protection against sexual harassment in housing, and most states have enacted legislation making it unlawful.

Victims of sexual harassment can seek compensation for lost wages, emotional distress and sometimes punitive damages, attorneys fees and costs. In order to take legal action, it is important to determine if what you experienced is, in fact, sexual harassment.

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