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Have You Been Terminated Without A Good Reason?

If you have reported illegal activity, unsafe, unhealthy or unsanitary conditions, harassment or discrimination, unpaid wages and missed breaks at your workplace and then were subsequently fired, this may be retaliation, which is a violation of your rights. Consulting an experienced, dedicated employment lawyer is imperative.

Although California is an “at will” employment state, employers violate the law if they fire employees for illegal reasons. If you have been fired and you believe it was unjust or it violates a contract, the Santa Monica wrongful termination attorneys at Davis*Gavsie & Hakim, LLP, will help you determine if you have a case. Using a unique style of personal attention and clever investigation skills, we work tenaciously to gather the essential facts while developing your strongest case to obtain the best possible outcome.

If you feel your termination was unjustified, call us. There may be an illegal basis to your firing that you may not recognize. There is a difference, however, between wrongful termination and being mistreated at work because of a personality conflict. Our Encino illegal firing attorneys will help you figure out if your mistreatment is legally wrong or just morally wrong, and we can protect your rights if they have been violated.

Termination of employment cannot be classified as “Wrongful Termination” unless it is in violation of some fundamental public policy, as set forth in a state or federal statute, regulation or constitutional provision. Examples of Wrongful Termination include situations where:

  • An employee is discharged for failure to comply with an order to perform an act that violates some law, ordinance or regulation, or
  • An employee is discharged in retaliation for complaints about conduct by the employer that he or she believes to be unlawful, e.g., failure to pay overtime, or failure to comply with safety regulations

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We offer a free phone consultation. Do not hesitate to contact us with your wrongful termination questions. We are located less than a mile (a short 10-minute walk) from the Santa Monica Pier with free parking close by. Our office is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., but we offer after-hours and weekend appointments to those in need. We speak Farsi. Call 310-955-4724 or complete the form below for more information.