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Make Sure You Have Thorough Anti-Harassment Training

The lawyers at Davis*Gavsie & Hakim, LLP, believe that running a business that complies with the law while keeping employees happy is one of the keys to success.

California law mandates that every two years businesses that have 50 or more employees must provide an interactive Anti-Harassment Training for company managers.

At Davis*Gavsie & Hakim, LLP, our Santa Monica manager training attorneys provide this preventive training. If your business does not properly train management and an employee accuses the business of unlawful harassment or discrimination, the employee can and likely will use the lack of management training to show the company violates the law.

Our law firm exclusively handles employment law cases. With more than 40 years of combined experience, our Los Angeles attorneys for Anti-Harassment Training will teach your managers how to identify and respond to potentially volatile harassment issues.

Roxanne A. Davis has experience representing employers, having worked at one of the biggest employment firms in the country. She started her own practice where she could give businesses the education they need to treat their employees well, minimize lawsuits and operate successfully while following the law.

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For a free phone consultation, contact the experienced attorneys at Davis*Gavsie & Hakim, LLP, by calling 310-955-4724 or complete the form below. We are located less than a mile (about 10 minutes walk) from the Santa Monica Pier with free parking close by. We are open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and we are more than willing to schedule after-hours and weekend appointments as needed. We speak Farsi.