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Creating Better Employee Handbooks

Employment law conflicts may arise because there simply is no established company policy on a particular issue or the existing policy is either unknown or poorly understood. Competent employment law counsel can help draft and put together a company employee handbook that is both comprehensive and understandable, and an employee handbook that leaves no doubt as to what is expected from each employee and what he or she can expect from the company.

At Davis*Gavsie & Hakim, LLP, our Los Angeles Employee Handbooks attorneys have the employment law knowledge and experience needed to ensure that your business complies with the law. Employee Handbooks can help your business provide information to employees about the rules of your workplace and can assist in avoiding lawsuits.

We offer handbook review, updating and preparation. Employment laws change frequently, and it is important that your company’s handbook accurately reflects these shifts in a timely manner.

California law mandates that each business, depending on its size, has certain policies and procedures in place. These include:

  • Visible and accessible posters and distribution of pamphlets or policies regarding sexual harassment
  • Literature and signage explaining Family Medical Leave Act/California Family Rights Act laws for employers of 50 or more employees
  • Details regarding your business’ workers’ compensation carrier and how they may be contacted
  • Any limitations on employee rights to privacy should be clearly explained within your company’s handbook, especially with regard to company computers, use of Internet, e-mail, etc.

While employee handbooks are not required by California law, if your business does not have certain policies in place, the employer may become more vulnerable to lawsuits and have a weaker defense in any pending legal battles.

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