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Fighting for your company in employment law litigation

Any company or organization in California that finds itself embroiled in litigation likely finds the effort to be a drain on resources. But, when it comes to allegations of employment law violations, fighting back and doing so in a steadfast manner may be the only option available to defend your company’s reputation.

Before litigation even begins your business may receive a demand letter from the alleged victim of the employment law violation, which will probably detail how employment law was allegedly violated and what the alleged victim wants to “make things right.” The response to this type of letter should be considered to be part of an overall litigation strategy, because the wrong response may be more likely to trigger a lawsuit.

If, however, a lawsuit has already been filed, your company’s approach to each step of the process – pleadings, discovery, mediation, etc. – may have a larger impact than you might think. Your company’s reputation could be tarnished, or current or former employees might think your company is an easy “mark” for such lawsuits. Setting a precedent is oftentimes part of a litigation strategy in employment law cases.

The right approach

Most businesses and organizations that are accused of some type of employment law violation want to fight the allegations. In some cases, the is the prudent approach. But, there may be other options as well. At our law firm, we work with California businesses and organizations to help them assess all available options to find the right approach in each specific situation. For more information, please visit the employer litigation overview section of our law firm’s website.