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5 ways employers can create an inclusive work environment

According to Glassdoor, 76% of employees report that diversity is a big factor in whether or not they accept a job opportunity. In California, creating an inclusive work environment is very important for employers. When everyone in a company feels included and respected, no matter who they are or where they come from, they work better and feel happier. For businesses, having a diverse and inclusive place means more ideas, better teamwork and a cooler company image.

As a boss in California, you have the opportunity to make your workplace welcoming to all kinds of people. Doing this not only makes your employees feel good, but it also makes your company look great and attracts more quality people to work for you.

1. Promote diversity in hiring

Start by making sure you hire people from all sorts of backgrounds. Make your job ads reach different people and use words that make everyone feel welcome to apply. You can also try hiring without looking at people’s names or schools to ensure you are not following some subtle biases you may have. 83% of millennials have reported that they feel more engaged when they work at an inclusive company, so taking the time to hire diverse people can actually improve the efficiency of your company.

2. Provide inclusive training and development

Give your team training on things like understanding different cultures, being fair and how to talk nicely to everyone. Make sure to continually hold training to ensure everyone understands the company culture and how to properly treat others.

3. Foster open communication

Make sure everyone feels okay to talk about their ideas and worries. Have regular meetings where your employees can speak up and ensure you listen to what they say about making the place better for everyone.

4. Celebrate diversity

Show that you truly like how different everyone is. You could celebrate different cultural holidays, have special events and shout out when someone from a diverse background does something great.

5. Implement inclusive policies and practices

Look at your company rules to make sure they are fair for everyone. Think about things like different dress codes or family leave. Make your rules fit everyone’s needs, even if only one person needs something specific.

Doing these things makes your workplace a great place to be and helps your business too. When everyone feels included, everyone wins.