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Does your situation classify as wrongful termination?

The law protects employees against unjust and illegal firing of employers by providing legal remedies, such as wrongful termination actions.

However, many employees are unsure as to what constitutes as wrongful termination. This uncertainty sometimes results in them letting go of the situation and failing to protect their rights as workers.

If you have hesitations about your situation, below are primary indications that your employer has wrongfully terminated you.

Did you experience any of these?

Depending on the facts and circumstances of your situation, your termination may classify as wrongful discharge when:

  • Your employer fires you due to you being part of a protected class (discrimination-based termination).
  • Your employer fires you for failing to perform an act that violates a law, ordinance or regulation.
  • Your employer fires you after you reported an illegal conduct or safety violation within the company.
  • Your employer fires you after you participated in an investigation against them.

Other facts also play a role in the determination, such as whether you had satisfactory performance before the termination occurred and that there were no other plausible reasons for you to receive a sudden termination.

Wrongful termination can be in other forms too

The instances mentioned above are only some indications of wrongful termination. Each situation is different and a careful gathering of facts can tell whether you have a case to file an action against your employer. To ensure your rights and to allow for the best possible outcome, it is advisable to proactively seek legal counsel before taking action.