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Helping you take legal action against sexual harassment

Whether one works in the office, a worksite, from their home or multiple locations, employees in California expect to be safe and treated appropriately. Unfortunately, employees may encounter situations that are uncomfortable. These situations could raise to the level of a hostile workplace due to a colleague or employer sexually harassing them. As such, employees have rights and options when it comes to taking action to stop the situation and seek compensation for the harms suffered.

Taking action against sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is not always apparent or immediately addressed. At Davis*Gavsie & Hakim, LLP, we understand how difficult it can be for employees in California to take a stand against sexual harassment. This is often the case when an employee fears that they may face retaliation or lose their job if they speak up about the sexual harassment they are suffering.

We do not minimize the severity of the situation; however, we understand it is a situation to act against. Therefore, our attorneys are here to help employees understand their rights at all phases of an employment law action. Whether you are seeking guidance on your rights before filing an action, need assistance following a report or are in the middle of a legal action, our firm is here to help you understand your rights and options.

Current laws surrounding sexual harassment

Laws are always evolving, as such, our attorneys keep on top of current laws. Just this year, Congress passed a law that concerns how employees can address sexual harassment. Previously, employers could enforce arbitration after filing a sexual harassment action. Now, employers can no longer require arbitration, allowing for employees to go to court and have a public jury to litigate the matter.

These changes not only mean these matters are handled differently, but it could also help increase the number of actions filed by employees. As such, our law firm is prepared to help guide employees through these actions while also ensuring their rights and best interests are protected.

Our law firm understands that sexual harassment in the workplace can be difficult to talk about and take a stand to put an end to it. As such, we are here to help create a safe space to discuss these matters, helping you fully understand what rights you have. Our goal is to deeply inform you of your options, so we can help advocate for you and aid you in your efforts to recover compensation for the losses caused by sexual harassment in the work environment.