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Were you placed on the ‘mommy track’ following pregnancy?

Being placed on the “mommy track” at work following your first pregnancy where you were given fewer job opportunities or are passed up for a promotion can be demeaning and may seem incredibly unfair especially if you are committed to your job. Sometimes, being pregnant with your second child simply puts the nail in the coffin. You may be passed over for multiple promotions because your boss does not think you will be able to balance the workload with being mother of two children.

While employers have expectations for their employees, and this is okay, it does not take much to cross the line into discrimination. If a woman is facing pregnancy discrimination at work or if a mother or father is facing discrimination for taking FMLA leave, they may have options under California law.

California law on pregnancy discrimination

California law states that it is unlawful for employers with five or more employees to discriminate against job seekers and workers due to pregnancy or because they asserted their rights under California law. Harassment is prohibited in all workplaces, regardless of how many people are employed there.

California employees are also protected if they take leave to bond with a new child within one year of the child’s birth. Workers, both women and men, who are disabled due to pregnancy or within the first year of their child’s birth or adoption are owed up to four months of disability leave.

Seeking legal counsel may help

If you believe you are the victim of pregnancy discrimination it can be easy to want to take action immediately. However, doing so without first consulting with an attorney can be risky. You face losing your job or being unable to return to your job, the loss of well-deserved financial compensation and more if you try to take on a topic like pregnancy discrimination on your own and fail. Our firm understands your frustration, so we urge you to seek advice first so you can protect your rights.