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What are your options when discrimination threatens your career?

It can be hard to believe that discrimination in the workplace is still such a significant issue in today’s society. Many states, California included, have made great strides in addressing this problem, yet it remains a concern. So, what are your options when discrimination threatens your career?

Well, for starters, things will never change if the discriminatory conduct isn’t confronted. But, the problem is that discrimination in the workplace can come in many forms. For example, the #MeToo movement of recent years has shined a spotlight on sexual harassment and gender discrimination to the point that this type of workplace discrimination is probably at the forefront of any thoughts about this issue. However, discrimination in the workplace can also be based on factors such as race, disability, age, medical conditions, religion or even pregnancy, for example.

Reporting discriminatory conduct to your company’s human resources department may not solve the issue. In fact, it may even lead to retaliation from your employer because of the allegations. So, how can you proceed? It may be that filing a complaint with the appropriate state and federal agencies is an option, or you may even need to consider litigation.

Looking at options and proposing solutions

At our law firm, we understand the trepidation employees feel when they are facing discrimination in the workplace and are weighing how to respond. We do our best to help our clients understand their options and try to find the right solutions. For more information, please visit the workplace discrimination overview section of our law firm’s website.