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Taking a stand against discrimination

California has been at the forefront of attempting to address and curtail discrimination in the workplace for decades now. The fight isn’t always easy. Yes, there are leaders in government and, quite frankly, in the business community who recognize this problem and are pushing efforts to address it. But, the problem remains.

So, what should you do if you face discrimination in the workplace? In many cases, the answer is to take a stand and know your legal options. Gender discrimination, age discrimination, race discrimination – there are no shortage of possibilities when it comes to how discrimination might manifest in your workplace.

How to proceed?

As with all legal cases, evidence is crucial in workplace discrimination lawsuits. However, the problem with these types of cases is that the evidence is oftentimes hard to obtain. Perhaps the discrimination occurred during a conversation, or maybe an email. Or, maybe it was in an HR decision that your employer – or former employer – works very hard to justify. If you are contemplating a legal filing based on allegations of workplace discrimination, you need someone to dig into the case and get the evidence that will be needed to substantiate your claims.

At our law firm, we stand by workers in California who take a stand against discrimination in the workplace. We know that your present and future employment prospects are on the line. For more information about how we might be able to help with your case, please visit the workplace discrimination overview section of our law firm’s website.