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Are your business interests threatened by employment litigation?

Business leaders in companies throughout California – from small businesses to large – work hard every day to put their companies in a position to succeed. The last few years in particular have probably been more challenging than many of those business leaders have ever been through. For some of these employers, the challenges have come from employment litigation.

If you have received a demand letter from a former employee with allegations of wrongdoing, you may need to prepare for such an eventuality. No company wants to be on the receiving end of allegations such as discrimination, harassment or retaliation, for example. A dispute with a former employee can lead to bad public exposure, or it could even make current employees question their desire to remain at your company.

Fighting back in litigation

For some companies, fighting back against the allegations in employment litigation may be the best course of action. It shows that the company doesn’t believe the allegations are true and that it will fight to defend its reputation. However, unlimited litigation may ultimately lead business leaders to consider other options, such as alternative dispute resolution.

Your company’s challenges are unique, so you need options that fit your business plans.

At our law firm, we work with our clients to attempt to help them determine the best course of action in employment litigation. For more information, please visit the employment litigation overview section of our law firm’s website.