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Minimum hourly wage update for California in 2023

Our state is known as the Golden State, and sometimes, it may feel like you need a couple gold bars to make the cost of living here work. For those working minimum wage, there is some relief coming. The California legislature recently issued a new update to the state hourly minimum wage.

The 2023 statewide increase

The update is set to take effect on January 1, 2023. It will raise the minimum wage to $15.50, for employers with less than and more than 25 employees. In 2021, these employers had different minimums. This raise represents an increase of nearly a third from the 2017 minimum wage.

Some cities and counties adopted higher minimum wages

If you are an employee or an employer working in California, it is important to know that along with state law, various cities and counties around the Golden State have unique hourly wages that are higher than the state minimum. For example, Santa Monica already has a minimum wage of $15.96 per hour with a higher amount likely to come in 2023.

What if I need guidance on how much to pay?

For Santa Monica and Los Angeles employers, including those throughout Southern California, an employment law attorney is an asset. Of course, an attorney can help you fight litigation, but they can also help you avoid it.

This begins upfront as they can determine the minimum wage set forth in your area. Within the nesting doll of wages, you may need guidance about which to follow, including sick leave and pay. An advisor can help ensure you follow the law. This means that you can focus on what you do best, running a business.