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The EEOC still takes sex discrimination charges seriously

It may seem like in our post-#metoo world that sex-based discrimination should be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, it seems that every month, we are reminded by another news story of bad actors who exploit their female employees. Recently, one such employer was Joe & the Juice. For former, current and prospective female employees of Joe & the Juice, there was recently good news. The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission may have gotten you justice.

The allegations against Joe & the Juice

The nationwide juice bar famous for its juice elixirs was allegedly also infamous for discriminating against current, former and potential Santa Monica, California, female employees. The EEOC alleges that since at least mid-2017, they failed to promote females internally. They also failed to even hire or recruit females externally.

What does it mean for you?

The settlement includes a $715,000 victim’s fund. Once set up, if you experienced discrimination, you may have access to this fund. For those Los Angeles-area employees still with the company, there will also be some new online tools to help you get promoted. However, it is unclear when these new policies will roll out, and how soon female workers can avail themselves of management positions.

What if I do not work there anymore?

For those who do not work there anymore, the only restitution is the victim’s fund. However, before accepting compensation, you should consult with your own employment law attorney. You may have your own claim that may be separately compensable, or more valuable than the amount you would receive from the victim’s fund. Even if you currently work for the company, you should consult with a Southern California employment law attorney.